Guide for hiring a symfony developer

Symfony is a very popular framework. It is used by most developers and of course local businesses, but also in the creation of sites or applications. This tool offers features that provide efficiency and speed especially with a good php programmer. Here is a guide you can follow for hiring !

The steps before the interview

Before you can begin the hiring process, you must know the skills required for the job. The Symfony developer will provide a key function in your company. You must know the right profile to assess whether or not the candidate meets your expectations. You must therefore learn about the training and qualifications that a developer can have. Knowing these points will allow you to ask the right questions during the job interview. You will also know what salary proposed to be in good shape on the quality of life at work of your future developer? This salary often differs from the position that may be assistant or head of the project department. It also varies according to the degree of expertise of the candidate, that is to say according to the diplomas he holds and sometimes even according to the schools he attended during his course.

During the interview, the discussion

The job interview should normally be done in two stages. The first step is a hands-on test to assess the developer's actual skills. For that, you will be able to help you software already set up by some companies. You can also develop a test yourself according to your needs to better identify the candidate. You will be able to see the tools he uses in the design, the experiences he has already acquired, etc. This step completed, the developer will have to go through the interview. You can ask him questions about the projects he has already done before. You will be better about his work method and his personality. These points are also very important because they affect his performance. They will determine his perseverance, his curiosity for technological advances, his ability to work in a team, etc. other qualities to have in this area. If the candidate meets all your expectations and has an adaptation to his work environment, you have found your developer.

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