Holiday dashboard for Magento

It must be said that the management of websites is a step as important as the creation of these same sites. Remember, creating a website is a must if we are to fully understand the world of the web. At management specifically, tools used recently to effectively manage online stores. One of the most highly rated management tools currently is Magento and will propose a dashboard to boost sales during the holidays.

Magento reminder

Clearly, Magento is an e-commerce site content management tool. This is a powerful CMS which will be perfect for all types of site management work regardless of size. Magento is, moreover, available under two licenses namely an open source license or Community Edition and Pro Edition for firms like magento development company or Business Edition. This latest version is not free and is therefore accompanied by several interesting features and benefits such as support, but it must be said that the open source version will provide results as interesting. The real strength lies magento on extensive management and all levels of the sites. It is also a multiplatform tool that will allow a perfect management of all e-commerce sites at once. It will be possible to manage the sites at the same time or one by one perfectly.

A holiday dashboard

Clearly, the holiday dashboard magento making use of live data to inform better decisions during the holiday season was released on 29 August by magento commerce. Remember, it is today the world leader in the cloud. It will be a cloud analysis tool offering merchants a thorough analysis of their campaigns holiday by referring to their competitors. In parallel with the release of this dashboard, magento holiday benchmark was also announced this and to provide the current trends in data taking into account a wide range of merchants. It goes without saying that this dashboard and the benchmark are available immediately. The use of this dashboard will be a better alternative to better understand the competition and boost sales.

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