The difference inbetween a Magneto and Php developer

In this period of web and e-commerce, PHP developers and committed Magento developers are among the major races of engineering professionals. It is the clear abstention of those writers and bloggers to draw a line and explain the differences between a PHP developer and a Magento developer to their readers there. Only such a clear demarcation will help people to know if in a particular situation they are going to serve a PHP developer or a dedicated Magento developer. There are many (including perhaps) people like managers of HRs, e-commerce operators, etc., looking forward to only that piece of information, and you might have guessed.

Control of the server

The developers in normal PHP must create their own database structures and modify structures according to their requirements. PHP developers might not be able to handle queries for databases. Default table structures exist in Magento. These structures are only required by developers to facilitate things. Dedicated Magento developers are also very well aware of how data base queries are handled in a special way so that errors are prevented.

SEO friendly sites were built

PHP developers are only responsible for handling static pages where SEO is seated. Dedicated developers in Magento on the other hand can manage very large and more specialized dynamic pages to make it easier to SEO.

Knowledge of transaction gates

A PHP developer does not need to have a thorough knowledge of payment gates to effectively use them. An extensive knowledge of payment gateways is obligatory for a dedicated Magento developer. This helps to make effective use of payment gates.

Payment gates process method

The programmer should implement payment gates in normal PHP, as no integrated modules are available. Several built in payment gates are available in Magento. The developer simply needs to set up the account details.

Structure for coding

When working on any module on your computer, PHP developers must create their own codes. The predefined code structure in Magento is used by the dedicated magento developer.

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Worldwide Php development company : Simplyphp

Worldwide Php development company : Simplyphp
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