Developing for Mac or PC, any differences?

Mention if only the name of the web still refers to websites. In fact, this virtual world is now inevitable because almost everyone is connected. Companies therefore need to interact perfectly with the world through the creation of website. This is especially true when it comes to commercial enterprises that must be present wherever there is a customer of mass grouping. Of course, during this development work, it is important to use the best tool to get the best result. One of the most used tools is that PHP offers many advantages, but it should be exercised to know the workings foremost.

The choice of PHP

Clearly, PHP is a general purpose scripting language and open source based on the Zend framework. Therefore, php developers use this tool to develop web applications. Php will easily fit in HTML and show it, no need to use multiple commands since php pages already contain HTML fragments. What makes this so special tool compared to other languages ​​of the same type is the fact that its code will apply directly on a server to generate HTML. Customers then receive the results directly with no way to access the source code. By setting the server as it will be possible to completely confuse static pages dynamic pages by the handle HTML files as PHP files.

PHP: Development on Mac or PC

Since php will run only on a server, it will necessarily set up to achieve this goal. Software will therefore be essential in this process to know a text editor and a web browser for static sites and Apache, PHP and MySQL in the case of dynamic sites. The operating system will also be a criterion to be taken into account. Certainly, it will be possible to develop with PHP on Mac and Windows, but with specific tools. Under Windows, the most practical tool is WAMP server that has the advantage of being updated regularly. For those using Mac OS X by cons must be used MAMP which is very simple to install and use.

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