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I must say that Magento is a boon for e-commerce. Its many features make this concept is currently very popular for content management. Remember, the real benefit of magento is mainly on practicality because we can easily manage multiple sites on a single platform admin. In addition, magento 2 is currently available with even more advantages in use.

The arrival of the second version

Professionals like magento development company made sure that magento effective and accessible for all through its various licenses. Only real change that the concept has seen lies mainly on this second version. Already the refinement of this new version took 8 years to developers. If one refers to magento history, it was in 2008 that the first version was released and it was in 2010 that the announcement of V2 was made. The success of the first part to play against him since 2011, Magento was acquired by eBay which is then focused on the X-Trade project and abandoning the second version of magento. This explains the fact that it took eight years for the second version to emerge.

Innovations galore

A new version would not be new if it does not took new features with it. This is what will be called with the second version of magento. Add to the benefits of the first Magento, new features will therefore be integrated in the second version. Above all, this new album will come with the game tests both unit, functional and efficient. Also, the software's performance was boosted. We will talk in particular the optimization of index and greater ease in system integration in Varnish Cache or Redis. The EAV has also been simplified. Then we will no longer use prototype but jQuery directly. Creating themes has also been greatly simplified. In addition, it will be possible to modify the structure of modules with this new version apart from the fact that it will allow the sharing of translation and that multiple store views.

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